Phase I Environmental Site Assessment - Is a minimum environmental investigation for a buyer/seller/lender of commercial or industrial property. Allows buyer liability protection under CERCLA known as the “innocent landowner provision”. Guidelines for performance of Phase I ESAs can found in ASTM E-1527 and the EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rule. A Phase I ESA consists of a visual inspection of the Property and surrounding area, historical records research, local, state and federal environmental database review, interviews with the owner and occupants of the Property and production of a written report.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments or Subsurface Environmental Investigations - Further investigation may be recommended by the Phase I.  This investigation may include soil and water sampling for contaminates of concern.  Soil and water sampling requires the oversight of a State Registered Professional Geologist.

Vapor Encroachment Screening - Are performed to determine if a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC) exists on a property.  A VEC is defined as the presence or likely presence of vapors from a chemical of concern in the subsurface caused by the release of vapors from contaminated soil or groundwater either on or near a property.  Guidelines for performance of a Vapor Encroachment Screening can found in ASTM E-2600.

Asbestos-Containing Building Material Inspections - State and Federal regulations require that prior to disturbance of building materials, a licensed asbestos inspector perform a thorough asbestos inspection.

Asbestos Abatement Design and Monitoring - State and Federal regulations require an asbestos design by a licensed asbestos designer, prior to the abatement of certain asbestos-containing building materials. Air monitoring may be required during and following the abatement project. Impact Environmental, Inc. analyzes air samples with a mobile phase contrast microscope (PCM) laboratory. Impact Environmental also performs OSHA compliance monitoring.

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Lead-Based Paint Inspections
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